Once you have found a home…

Once you have found a home that you feel that you really want to have naturally arises a series of questions in connection with a purchase. Below we discuss the most common questions that our customers have had through the years.

Buy new construction through us. We have the knowledge and experience you need!

Some of our delivery of housing in Spain is and has been the new production. We only work with the most solvent and reputable developers and we are very careful to the new construction projects, we recommend meet our requirements for a good investment.

In addition to a high build quality we make great demands on other facilities such as beautiful and inviting communal gardens and pool facilities as well as the proximity, preferably within walking distance of other services such as shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.

Our expertise and experience in the new production together with our network of contacts in the craft sector makes to you in a safe and secure way to buy your dream home newly produced by us. We will keep you updated of course, during the construction process and are always at the final inspection of your property.

In other words – we will help you through the entire buying process, controls all sales documents and make sure that you make a safe and secure transaction. And once you have purchased so are we in a location near you, our office is just a few minutes drive from most of our recommended new construction projects.

Transparent costs and personal style

New construction, purchase at a fixed price, which means that you avoid strenuous bidding. A new home does not require any time-consuming and costly renovation. Everything is ready for furnishing and some developers also offer fully furnished accommodation.

Each new production has an original design that you can influence by either free choice or option that you buy. It may involve the selection of tiles and floor tiles, cupboards, interior and wardrobe doors or an adjusted plan. The possibilities are many and vary from project – but keep in mind that you must be out in time!

The journey to a virgin home in Spain is of course longer than if you choose to buy an existing home. But it’s well worth the time you will understand when you put the key in your new front door. Welcome home!

Payment for the purchase of new production

At the purchase of housing under construction are normally made payments in stages during construction, where the developer provides the buyer with bank guarantees for all amounts paid before the home is completed. A typical payment plan might look like this:

  • 3000-6000 € for the reservation of a dwelling
  • 40-50% payment in connection with a signed purchase contract
  • The remaining amount at closing

Other costs and fees

  • Spanish VAT (IVA) for new housing 10% of the purchase price
  • Another approximately 2.5% to cover notary and legal fees and registration fees.
  • Contact us for a detailed estimate of the property that you are interested in

Resales – used and turnkey

We have a large number of apartments, townhouses and villas for sale in our fields where you can move up fairly promptly. This applies both owned homes and turnkey new construction.

Normal payment terms for the purchase of second-hand housing

  • Deposit
    For all transfers of residential drafted and signed a so-called private purchase contract between buyer and seller. Normally this is paid a down payment of about 10% of the purchase price.
  • Final payment
    Final payment, ie about 90% of the purchase price, is normally associated with access. Title deed is left to the buyer of a notary, as always issuing title deeds act in Spain.

Other costs and fees

  • Total taxes for the second-hand housing is 10% of the purchase guy fill, paid by the buyer.You pay an additional 2.5% to cover notary and legal fees and registration fees.

Buying property in Spain

Buying a property in Spain is different from buying a home in Sweden.
We at SkandiaMäklarna can offer you all the experience needed to make you feel comfortable and secure in your home business.
We at SkandiaMäklarna help you find your dream home, and guide you in the financial and legal issues that may arise.

Have you found a home you want to look at!
Contact your nearest office in Spain or the Canary Islands to book a tour. During the display, we offer you the opportunity to look at the homes you’re interested in while getting the opportunity to get acquainted with the area.

The price of our housing
price of our Spanish homes is an accepted price of the seller. In Spain, it is unusual bidding, rather than doing business with the seller, the buyer is willing to pay the asking price or lower price agreed by negotiation.

Additional costs
when buying a property in Spain will be some costs beyond the purchase price. Generally, you should expect an addition to the purchase price of approximately 10-13%.

When buying newly constructed residential properties to a value added tax of 10% of the purchase price. In addition to a stamp duty of 1.5%.

As for second-hand housing will be a transfer tax of 8-10% depending on the region and the size of the purchase price. However deleted no stamp.

Check with your broker which taxes apply in your case!

buyer also stands for notary fees which the Parties exchange purchase contract. The real cost here can be difficult to anticipate when a number of different factors come into play, but a pretty good rule of thumb is that it is about 0.5% of the purchase price.

Registration Fees
The registration in the land register under the new owner would involve additional costs.Again, this is a cost that is difficult to give an exact value, but here’s a good rule of thumb is 0.5% of the purchase price.

Connection fees
When access to the connection charges and / or fees for subscriptions replacement of water and sewage, electricity, and any gas.

How does this purchase?
Once you and the seller together with the broker has agreed a written contract, which includes price and access date indicated. In connection with this you also pay a deposit, usually 10 percent of the purchase price, as proof that you will complete the deal.

On most of our homes are offered access immediately, but it is common that your preparation (eg financing and NIE number) allows access occurs 30-45 days after contract signing. On tillträdesedagen get the keys and can move into.
Have more questions before purchasing property in Spain, you are welcome to contact us for further information.

How much can I borrow?
It is important to be clear with the financing before you go on an inspection trip so that you know you can complete a deal when you find your dream home. Generally, you can not borrow in Sweden with the Spanish property as collateral. However, you can borrow against property in Sweden to buy property in Spain. You can also borrow money for your real estate purchase by Spanish banks.

We at SkandiaMäklarna can help you find a good financing solution that suits your situation.

Down payment / reservation fee?
In connection with contracts at a second-hand sales, you as the buyer to pay a deposit.Normally, the down payment of 10% of the purchase price. The final payment is usually done on the completion date.

If instead you decided to buy new construction establishes a reservation agreement with the developer where you pay a reservation fee of 3000-6000 €. The reservation fee you can normally pay with your credit card.

order to own a property in Spain you need to have a Spanish tax identification number, known as a NIE number. Only then can you open a bank account and write in the title deeds. An NIE number to apply for Spanish at the Spanish police, the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in Sweden. The easiest is probably to do it through an agent through a proxy Spanish embassy or consulate in Sweden, or a Spanish police station. Obtaining a NIE number takes some time depending on which part of Spain you are. We help you with all administration and correspondence.

How big are the ongoing operating costs?
The operating costs of your property in Spain, of course, depends on the type of home that you bought and how much you utilize it, but the total operating cost of an apartment with two bedrooms tend to be between 1500-2000 per month. The cost includes among others, community charges, electricity and water, insurance premiums and property taxes. We will help you open a bank account in a Spanish bank for payment of current operating costs via direct debit.

I pay property tax in Sweden / Spain?
You pay no property tax in Sweden on the Spanish home, but in Spain you pay a municipal property tax based on the assessed value. The tax rate varies between municipalities and between 0.4-1.1%. You also pay a state property tax of about 0.25-0.5% which is also based on the assessed value of the property.

deed recorded on land registry, this takes about 2-3 months. Once enrolled, after all taxes are paid, you get it back with enrollment certificate.

Notary public
notary public is an officially appointed lawyer in this case has the task to check the identity of the parties and the notary never check the property condition, you as a buyer are responsible for checking the residence before you sign on, in Spain the purchase of second-hand housing “as condition”. The notary informs about the property liabilities if there are any, and ensures that the payment is made to the seller’s right made by Spanish law and that the seller has received his money before he / she writes on. They also prepare the deed of sale which is the basis for your title deed application.

Investigation Duty
As a buyer, you are responsible to thoroughly examine the home before you sign the purchase contract. Alternatively, the deviation from the conditional purchase contract.SkandiaMäklarna Spain can recommend a number of talented independent technical architects.

Selling property in Spain

When selling a property in Spain, it is important to know that the process is different compared to Sweden and that it often takes a little longer.

Liability sellers
As a seller, you are required to pre-sale commission an energy performance of the dwelling.This should then be handed over to the buyer in connection with the sale. SkandiaMäklarna can recommend competent partners who perform energy assessments.
As a seller, you must also provide documentation of residence, such as proof of ownership, certificate of tenure, information about property taxes, association fees, etc.

How valued my residence?
Before your property is laid out for sale, an assessment of the value. Many already have an estimated value of their homes, but references to actual sales of comparable homes in the near future, we will help you to develop. With a good valuation, together we can put the right price.

Contact one of our brokers to take up references. SkandiaMäklarna have access to a great range and has good reference prices in most of the areas where we operate.

What is the actual cost of operation of the home you want to sell? Which repair needs are in the future and at what cost? Your bidders will want to bake this into their own price perception. We help you with these calculations.

Before a sales process begins signed a contract between you and the broker. The agreement regulates the sales commission.

When the seller has agreed with the buyer signed a purchase contract, a so-called “arras” or “Option de Compras”. The contract apparent price and access dates. Once the contract is signed, the buyer pays a deposit as part payment of the final balance, which is paid on the completion date. This contract replaced later by a new contract at the notary.

notary receives payment and is responsible for paying the accrued taxes and charges and to distribute the final payment to you. You surrender the keys to the buyer after the meeting, to enter the residence.

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